Thursday, August 23, 2012

Okay gray whale skeleton fans, sorry there haven't been any new blogs in awhile. As the whale skeleton articulation comes to a close, fewer and fewer updates will happen as the process slows way down for the end. In fact, this may be one of the final blogs. This week, the last pieces of hanging metal were fabricated. As they were being finished, the crew got a bit silly.
HIGH FIVE! Or in this case, high four! (^-^) The finished pieces of the skeleton were hung from the ceiling (with care) of the workshop as a way to store them until the museum 
is ready to hang the whale skeleton for display in January.
Looks like you're a quart low.
But, I can't reach that high!
Smile for the camera, Boots. See, just like mummy.

HEY! I thought we were articulating a whale skeleton, not an alien!
Some serious work was done as Gaye added the  finishing touches to one of the mandibles. 
Nice before and after shot of the magic Gaye has performed on these bones.
Our whale is beautiful, thanks to you Gaye.

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