Thursday, August 2, 2012

On August 1st . . .

Not only did Wes and Sam have skull and rib duty, they
also attached the scapulae to the  rib cage.

One for the right side. . .

. . .and one for the left! That's sure starting to look mighty close to being finished!
What's left? Let's see. . .the scapulae and ribs will have to be removed again so more silicone can be applied to the main vertebrae and the metal frame work that holds the rib cage will be painted. More work still needs to be done to the tail and skull. This project keeps clipping along! (^-^) 

The bone mines are closed today but will reopen tomorrow (Friday the 3rd) and Saturday the 4th. The mines will then be closed again on Sunday the 5th and Monday the 6th. Lee has to work at his real-life job during those days, but will be back daily (except for Sundays) from the 7th on. There is still plenty to do, so all registered volunteers are encouraged to report for duty when your schedule allows.

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