Sunday, August 19, 2012

There are a few things to get caught up on at the bone mines! But first, we had a visitor. . .
Didn't get out there fast enough with a camera, but mama moose came strolling
through the parking lot with her adorable twins. Just managed to get this
shot of the last twin to wander through. How can something so cute
grow up to be so. . . .not cute?
Here's Esther . . .pretending to be Jonah.
Her more serious side as she worked on touching up the silicone of the flippers.
Here's Sam. You're probably wondering, "What in the world
was he doing?" You're not alone whale skeleton fans!

You see, they needed to figure out how far to lower the floor before they could attach the tail onto the rest of the backbone. That hole is 2 and 1/2 feet deep. Unfortunately no photo
was taken of the tail being attached. It was only a quick, trial attachment
to perfect the attaching hardware of the tail, for display.
It is very difficult to stand in any one place in the workshop to get a
whole picture of everything going on.
Each section of the whale skeleton gets closer and closer to being finished.
The scapulae were put back in their place on the rib cage. . .
. . .in order to add the hardware to the flippers, to attach them to the scapulae.
It will look something like this. . .without the paint can, chair . . .
and the monkey in the cage.
Here's a Jonah-view of the flipper.

Axel Gillam worked on the other flipper.

It will be displayed like this.

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