Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 12. . .a day to learn new things.

A day to learn how to properly drill holes into the whale's
smallest vertebrae at the very end of the tail.
A day to learn how to drill holes into solid steel.
 Have you noticed that this project has had so many "drilling" moments?  (^-^)

Day 12 was a good day to put together the very end of a very long skeleton. Good job fellas!
Look mom! An ET totem pole!
Day 12 was a good day to get some welding done.
A good day for a little bone touch-up.
Who put those bones up so high?!!!
Before and after.
Day 12 was a good day for another lesson in solid steel drilling. . .
And how to create threads in that steel.
Lee loves to point out that there are no "pink or blue" jobs in skeleton building.
It was a good day for the museum interns to add the first
layers of cartilage replacement to their flipper.

Yeah, that stuff does smell awful. . . Some dislike it more than others. (^-^)

Tight quarters when cartilage replacement is
added to both flippers at the same time.

Here, just a little bit more.
Day 12 was a good day to experience the satisfaction of a job well done.

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