Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This is the report for the 23rd day of the gray whale project, which happened on July 23rd. A follower pointed out that the date at the top of each blog does not match the date of the event. Sorry if I have confused you dear readers, but your Blogster doesn't write the reports on the dates in which they happen. Your Blogster writes them the day after, therefore, today is July 24th and we shall see what took place on July 23rd . . .

No, no. Unrest has not developed among the volunteers as it may appear. Sam and Bobbie are just bending metal. However, they do appear to be quite fed up that particular piece. 
First Sam and Lee tried reasoning with it. . .
. . .that's when things switched to "no more Mr. Nice Guy."
Oh dear! It's getting to be rather crowded in the workshop. In order to make more room, the rear end of the whale skeleton had to be sent out through the back door!
That made navigation around it a bit of a challenge.
But it was all necessary so Art could do this. 
AH HA! The skull-cart-making-elves have been found out! They are none other than Wesley and Cheyenne Cartey. Here they are adding some padding to the areas where the
skull will rest. The cart will hold the skull while it is being repaired.

They seem to work rather well with each other don't they. (^-^)
Here's Aidan Coyle, measuring inside the rib cage in order to
determine the curve necessary for the rib supports.

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