Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Need to put it in reverse a few days to catch you up on ALL the gray whale skeleton news. One day when your "Blogster" wasn't looking, volunteers took this pile of ribs:

And sorted them all out like this:

And while they were doing that, they weighted all the ribs, like this:

Here's what's been happening with the flipper that the museum interns have been putting together:

A finger bone was fabricated.

Holes were drilled into the radius and ulna to receive the  fingers and carpals.

Another layer of silicone cartilage replacement was added to the other flipper.

A little adjustment in size was needed for the pipe that will eventually hold all the tail bones.

That now brings us to yesterday. Yesterday was a BORING day! Hole boring day that is. First there was a vertebrae parade! An army of volunteers loaded vertebrae into their personal vehicles and drove them to the Homer High School, to use the school's super-duper-whale-bone-drilling drill press.

Here's a shipment of vertebrae coming back from the school.
It sure was a beautiful boring day!
It took a lot of hands to steady the vertebrae. Here is a link to a video of this procedure that Wesley Cartey posted: 
Thank you Wesley!

They took turns at the hole boring experience.

A whole line of bored vertebrae.
A little bit of non-boring welding was done to the tail support.

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  1. Very much enjoyed my precision drilling of the smaller vertebrae this evening -- thanks, Lee! A new skill acquired...