Friday, July 27, 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012, was the 26th day of the Pratt Museum Community Gray Whale Skeleton Project! It is amazing what the volunteers have accomplished in such a short time! Congratulations everyone for making this project such a success.

Thursday was a little bit sad too because it was museum intern, Zelda Grove's,
last day. Zelda is from California and will soon be starting her first year of college
in New York City, majoring in Anthropology. She has been one of our core volunteers.
Zelda, it's been wonderful having you part of this team. You're going to be greatly missed!
Good luck and come back and visit us . . .and your whale.

Yesterday also marked the finish of the intern's flipper!
Great job! Now both flippers are finished.

Oops! Minor set-back. One of the vertebrae tried to run
away and ended up with a big boo-boo!
No problem! Lee taught visiting volunteer, Laurel, how to make the
necessary repairs to that wayward vertebra.
Other activities on the 26th day included another layer of silicone replacement cartilage , applied by Rachel Bilbo and Laurel. . .
. . .and Esther Lowe.
Kylie and Tammy McShane continued work on the tail vertebrae.
Heads or tails? . . . If you guessed tail, you are absolutely correct.


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