Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 16, 2012 - 16 days into the gray whale skeleton project and still going strong! The volunteers were hard at it in the bone mines again yesterday, and here is what they accomplished:

Gaye Wolfe applied more touch-up paint to the vertebrae.

Sam Smith was part of the touch-up team.

Sam was also on flipper duty.

Esther Lowe, also a member of the flipper team, worked
her magic on the replacement cartilage.

The flipper team interns, Emily Schmidt and Aidan Coyle added
another layer of cartilage replacement to "their" flipper.

Caroline deCrefft, the intern machinist, was busy making big sparks!

Cutting steel with her bare hands. . .holding onto a steel cutting saw.
A young visitor marveled at the large flippers! "That's a huge hand!"
LOOK! There have been woodworking elves in our garage! It appears they are building
a cart of some sort. Could it be the cart for the skull? Wonder who those elves are?!
They did a good job of avoiding your Blogster's camera! A mystery to be solved. . .

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