Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sorry this didn't get posted earlier but we've been without internet service all day yesterday until late this morning. BUT! We had a wonderful first day of the gray whale skeleton project on Sunday July, 1st! Twenty-one volunteers came out on a beautiful, warm and sunny Sunday to get this show on the road. Our thanks to all of you!

 To get things started, Lee Post gave a quick talk to explain what steps will be taken first to get certain bones repaired. After the brief introduction, the crew got started.

 Each volunteer chose a bone (in this case a vertebra) to begin working on replacing missing pieces and repairing some damage that has happened to the bones either during butchering of the whale, or through time. Lee traveled throughout the room giving one-on-one instruction.

Water putty was the compound of choice to make the repairs

Even our fearless leader, Holly Cusac-McVeigh, Ph. D., Curator for the Pratt Museum, 
and director for this project, got into the act.
What a wonderful first day!

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