Friday, July 20, 2012

On the 19th day of the whale skeleton project - there was a whole lot of ribbing going on. (^-^) 

(click on the photos to enlarge)
That's the tail section in the foreground. A few ribs underneath waiting their turn.
This is what the front section of the backbone looked like in the beginning.
A few ribs were drilled and had received the pins that makes
attaching them to appropriate vertebrae possible.
Holes were drilled into the transverse processes of
the vertebrae to receive the pins of the ribs.
The first ribs were attached to the sternum (that's the sternum in the
middle of the chair seat), using the same pinning method.
Which required a lot of drilling, as Fred Harnisch is doing here.
Brenda Dolma supervises as Lee and Fred drill the ends of the first ribs.
A wish bone! Sternum and first ribs now attached together.
More drilling - this time the other ends of the first ribs to receive pins so
they can be attached to the appropriate vertebra.
A little juggling. . .
A little positioning. . .
They finally got it into place.
And the ribbing continued.

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