Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh my! What day is this for the skeleton project? . . .Hard to believe that yesterday was only day 11! So much good work has been done by the Homer Community Volunteers! Thing have been completed that weren't even slated to begin until the third week. Good job everyone! However, there is still plenty to do to keep everyone busy so don't hesitate to come on in and join the fun.

After a bit more calculation and. . .
A bit more drilling and. . .
A bit more measuring and. . .
A bit more gluing and finish work. . . 
The flipper that the interns built can now hold up four fingers and all its carpals! Woo Hoo!
The next step will be to add the silicone cartilage replacement.
Yesterday the whale's personal artist came in to compare paint
samples to determine the right mix to give the bones a more even tone.

Excitement filled the room as the first vertebra was slid onto its pipe support.
Each vertebra was inched along the pipe.
Inch by inch. . .step by step. . .

This - is a caudal (tail) vertebra. This -  is a caudal vertebra without a hole.
This -  is how you start to drill a hole into a caudal vertebra.
This - is how you continue to drill a hole into a caudal vertebra.
This - is a caudal vertebra appropriately bored
so it can be strung onto its support pipe.
And last but not least, the little foam pads that will cushion
between each vertebra were all custom made.

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