Monday, July 9, 2012

Forward progress is still being made on the articulation of the gray whale skeleton, but work has slowed down a bit. Individuals finished up some detail work yesterday, and will resume doing so today.

Application of clear silicone caulk (cartilage replacement) was applied to one flipper.

Work continued on the flipper that the museum interns are putting together.

Holes were drilled into foam pieces that will fit between the vertebrae
when they are strung onto the support pipe.

The whale cart received its final coat of paint.
And pilot holes were drilled into the center of each vertebra centrum.

Today, another layer of silicone will be applied to the flipper that has been articulated. That will continue until the layers have created a reasonable facsimile of the original cartilage. 

Tomorrow we're going to have a vertebrae parade! Volunteers will ferry the vertebrae between the workshop and the Homer High School, where a more appropriately-sized drill press lives. The vertebrae that will slide onto the support pipes (that were bent yesterday), will have appropriately-sized holes drilled into them. They will then be returned to the workshop.

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