Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 17 and 18 - Let's see. . .what can be said about the whale skeleton's progress on the 17th - other than "DITTO." More silicone work was done and you've probably seen all the silicone working pictures you care to see for awhile. (^-^). . . . The busy whale-skeleton-building-workers did move on to slightly different things on the 18th. . .

Exciting news! The whale skeleton hangers that Glenn (of Glenn's Welding in Homer)  fabricated, were delivered to the bone mines yesterday!  Thanks Glenn, they look wonderful.

So, with new hangers in hand, Esther and Sam got busy fitting them into place.
Caroline drilled and threaded holes in appropriate places along the backbone support.
And here's Sam and Esther giving us a preview of activities that are
coming soon - the most exciting part about whale skeleton building!

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